Thaicom 5 at 78.5E All/Full Channels Frequencies List/Chart 2015

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 thaicom 5, 78.5e, c band, ku band, channels list, chart, 2015Here are a lot of Free To Air TV Channels in  the world of satellites. Here are also good channels fta/free to air but off course more VIP channels are not fta those are scrambled or encrypted. We can't watch them without having any resource to decrypt them. Most popular way to unblock/decrypt them is " Biss Key". Biss keys are managed by their authorizes. Some Most Popular channels changes their biss keys every day or every 3rd day or every week or every 15 days or every month so on. After getting changed their biss key you have now not accessibility to watch that TV channel. Get The Biss Key Of PTV Sports To Watch It Live. I think authorities gives those biss keys to cable orators. Cable orators has their certificates. In this situation you just can get the new latest working biss keys / codes from this website. Here are some available biss keys of some popular TV channels. To get the biss key of your favorite tv channels go to top side of the website there is a search bar enter your keywords their and hit enter or press search or go. It will get you to the right page. If you want to search the latest biss key of your favorite channel on Google just type KK or kk after your keywords.

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Full/All Frequencies Table Of Thaicom 5 at 78.5E

Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E C Band Full Channels List/Chart 2015
Channel Name Type Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate
LNTV 1 MPEG2/DVB/SD 3408 V 2916
Lao Star MPEG2/DVB/SD 2916 V 2916
TV Lao MPEG4/DVBS2/HD 3418 V 3750
Lao Public Security TV MPEG2/DVB/SD 3422 V 2222
MV Lao TV MPEG2/DVB/SD 3433 V 5000
Thaicom, TVD Shop ,Beauty TV Thailand, Meekhun TV ,  Hit station ,Love TV (Thailand) , Metro TV (Thailand) , Hi Channel (Thailand), Kaset 24 hours ,Kaset Nano Channel ,Kaset Ramruay Channel,Korkaew Channel,  Oom Maharuai TV , Champ Channel,  Goodfilms TV , TVD Shop ,GCJ O Shopping, MPEG2/DVB/SD         3440 H 26666
News 24 (Nepal) MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3441 V 1556
Sagarmatha TV MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3450 V 1630
Mountain TV (Nepal),  Bhakti Darshan TV, Ujyaalo 90 Network MPEG4/DVBS/HD 2500 V 1556
Avenues TV MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3454 V 3333
Panyapiwat, Panyapiwat TV 1, Panyapiwat TV 2 MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3457 V 2857
Panyapiwat, Panyapiwat TV 1, Panyapiwat TV 2 MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3462 V 2857
R Film, Miti 4, Pop TV, PB Channel, Giffarine Channel, World Buddhist TV, Ping Channel, Topline TV, V Like Channel, White Channel, Dara Channel, Sanook TV, JC TV, Umm TV,  Thai Chaiyo, T News TV,  Suwannabhumi Channel, Hero Channel, Zabb Channel, Man TV, MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3480 H 30000
(Lao Star feeds)
MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3515 V 2917
(Lao Star feeds), MCOT, MCOT HD, MCOT World,  1 TV, Dharma TV, MCOT 1, Most Channel, STOU Channel, Aonzon TV, [MCOT test card] (Modern Radio FMs) MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3520 H 28125
Thaicom, Moradokthai, SBB TV, Media Channel, TV Muslim Thailand, Mongkol Channel, Bangkok Channel, [Thaicom test card]Siamturakij, AJP, Man TV, K Channel (Thailand), SMM TV, [Thaicom test card]Dara Daily, TCC TV, Travel & Beyond,
Grace TV (Thailand),  In TV (Thailand),  Jewelry Channel,  Saha Channel, Happy Home TV, Smart SME Channel, [Thaicom test card]
Vetee Thai, THV,
Sangathan FM, Radio Police, Nation Radio FM 90.5, Like 103 FM, MOL Radio.
MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3545 V 30000
RR Mediam, Fashion One Asia MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3551 H 13333
Nepal TV, Nepal TV, NTV Plus,
[NTV News test card]
 Nepal FM
MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3563 H 5555
IRIB, Press TV,  IFilm English MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3574 V 6510
Thaicom, Major Channel Mix, Hit station, Health & Family Channel, Five Channel, Star Channel (Thailand),  Major Channel Asian, Yateem TV, Nhang Channel,
Peace TV, Gift Channel, OK TV (Thailand), Sexy Channel, MGTV, Mystery Channel, Bangkok Channel,[Thaicom test card] AJP, Melo TV, Media News,
Ok Hook FM, Ok Love FM, Ok Luktung FM, Radio Society, Ujyaalo 90 Network
MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3585 V 30000
Thai TV Global Network,The Living Show,Gen C,[Thaicom test card]
VTV 4,News 1, DDTV (Thailand), N Channel, Nice Channel, Zaa Network, TV 24, H Plus Channel, Dhamma Media Channel, Variety Hit, Vetee Channel, Dara Channel, 94 EFM, Culture Wave FM
MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3600 H 26667
Himaliya TV MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3607 V 1555
MV Lao TV MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3610 V 2222
Feeds MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3627 V 2500
RR Media, Net Viet, CTN (USA), The World Network, BVN TV Aziƫ, Emmanuel TV, SVT World, DayStar TV, Horn Cable TV, Somali National TV, Universal TV, SBN (USA), Som News TV, ESTV, Royal TV (UK), Star TV (UK), Somaliland National TV (Qatar), Kalsan TV, Puntland TV, TV Oromiyaa, Somali Channel, SBC Intentional, VRT Radio 1, The Over Comer, Radio Hargeisa, Radio Mogadisho, Radio Barkulan, Radio Sveden,SRP4 MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3640 H 28066
TV Lao MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3641 H 2500
Dhi TV MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3644 V 2222
TVK (Combodia), Radio Combodia, Radio Combodia MPEG4/DVBS/HD 3665 V 3704
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3690 H 2417
Korean Central TV, KCBS, Voice Of Korea MPEG2/DVB/SD 3696 V 4167
MCOT 1 MPEG2/DVB/SD 3703 V 3333
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3711 V 1458
ABC TV (Nepal) MPEG2/DVB/SD 3715 V 1481
Police TV MPEG2/DVB/SD 3718 V 1600
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3745 V 4688
NP TV 5 Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3749 V 4688
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3784 V 4262
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3792 V 4262
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3797 V 4262
NPTV 5 MPEG2/DVB/SD 3758 V 4688
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3784 V 4262
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3792 V 4262
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3797 V 4262
Thai TV 3, Radio Thailand AM 819 MPEG2/DVB/SD 3803 V 4551
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3809 V 4550
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3840 V 30000
CAT Telecom, Thai Visions Channel, Good TV (Thailand), Thai Visions Channel, Smart TV, Kaset News TV, JJ Channel, JJ Channel, Thai Visions Channel, Maxagro TV, Jipata TV, Chokdee TV, Paramarn Channel, SBT TV, Cat Channel, 13 Siam Thai, Boonniyom TV, Peace TV, RSU Wisdom TV, Thai Muslim TV, Good Films 2 MPEG2/DVB/SD 3792 V 4262
NP TV 5, TNN 24, Work Point 1, True 4U, One HD, BBTV Channel 7 MPEG2/DVB/SD 3910 V 14650
New TV (Thailand), Bright TV 20, Nation TV, GMM Channel 25, Now 26, Mono 29, Amarin TV, PPTV HD (Thailand) MPEG2/DVB/SD 3930 V 15000
On Shop, IPM Show MPEG2/DVB/SD 3949 V 2550
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 3975 V 2500
Thai PBS, Thai PBS, TV 3 Family, Loca, THV, Thai Channel 5,TV 3 SD, TV 3 HD MPEG2/DVB/SD 3990 V 12000
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 4000 V 4815
Feeds MPEG2/DVB/SD 4000 V 4815
Thai PBS MPEG2/DVB/SD 4017 V 1800
CAT Telecom, ChalermKrung TV, BangKok, Thonburi TV,T Sports Channel MPEG2/DVB/SD 4053 V 8333
KasiKorn TV MPEG2/DVB/SD 4051 V 2000
13 Siam Thai, Kaset Ramruey Channel [Test Card] MPEG2/DVB/SD 4096 V 5295
CTH MPEG2/DVB/SD 4120 V 30000
GMM Z, TV Parliament, Joo Music MPEG2/DVB/SD 4160 V 30000
Feeds (3) MPEG2/DVB/SD 3792 V 4262

Thaicom 5 at 78.5E (Ku) Band Channels Frequencies Chart 2015

Dish Size: 8 to 10 Feet All Channels List of Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E
Channel Name Freq. Pol. SR Band Encryption Fec Beam
Thai TV Global Network, ETV, Lao Star, Bayon TV, TVK (Kambodia), DL TV (1 to 15. 12272 H 30000 Ku FTA 5/6 Anonymous
Modern India TV, GMM Music, Fan TV (Thailand),
Bang Channel, Sexy Channel, Nick JR Asia, Peace TV, MV Lao TV, Major TV Asian, Cartoon Club, GTH On Air, Five Channel, Green Channel (Thailand), ACTS Channel, GCJ O Shopping, Dragon TV (Thailand),
Zaa Network, Major Channel Mix, Samrujlok,
Fox Thai, Khongdee, My Sci.
12272 V 30000 Ku FTA 5/6 A Zapara
True Visions 12313 H 30000 Ku FTA 5/6 Anonymous
TV Lao, T Sports Channel, TV Parliment, Dhamma Media Channel, D Channel, View World, AniPlus HD, Kids Song 12313 V 30000 Ku FTA 5/6 DL Rose TV
TV 3 Family, MCOT Family, Loca, TNN 24, THV, New TV (Thailand), Spring News TV, Bright TV 20, Voice TV, Nation TV, Work Point 1, True4U, GMM Channel 25, Now 26, Thai Channel 8, Thai TV 3, Mono TV 29, MCOT HD, One HD, Thairah TV, Thai TV 3, Amarin TV , BB TV Channel 7, PPTV HD (Thailand),  12355 H 30000 Ku Irdeto 2
5/6 Anonymous
GMM Z 12355 V 30000 Ku Irdeto 2
5/6 DL Rose TV
True Visions 12396 H 30000 Ku Videoguard 5/6 Proluvies Lacus
Thai TV 3, True 4U, True Inside, BB TV Channel 7, True Movies Hits, True Plookpanya, TNN 24, True Sports 7, Reality Channel , True Select, NP TV 5, NP TV, Thai PBS, [Test Cards], TCM Asia, AMC Asia, 12438 H 30000 Ku Irdeto 2
5/6 Anonymous
True Visions 12479 H 30000 Ku Irdeto 2
5/6 Albert I
True Visions 12521 H 30000 Ku Videoguard 5/6 Anonymous
True Visions, T Sports Channel 12562 H 30000 Ku Irdeto 2
5/6 Anonymous
True Visions 12604 H 30000 Ku Videoguard 5/6 DL Rose TV
True Visions 12657 H 30000 Ku Videoguard 5/6 DL Rose TV
True Visions 12720 H 30000 Ku Videoguard 5/6 Anonymous

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