Signal Receiption Of 1 Dish On 2 Receivers Step By Step Tutorial

Use 1 Dish On 2 Satellite Receiver with Multi Switch

Dish Antenna:

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We use dish antenna to receive satellite's signals. Dish antennas are most of types like fyber dish, iron dish etc. Fyber dishs are best to receive satellites signals but the fyber metrical is not long lasting that's why most of the peoples uses iron dishs they're long lasting and it also receives good signals. Dish are mostly used in villagers. They can't get cable service because of a lot distance. In villages most of the peoples uses more than 2 LNBs on a dish. For that they've to use a switch which controls lnbs system and tells to receiver. It works good.
If you've 1 dish with two satellites and also 2 receivers. Then to watch your favorite TV channels on these receivers you must have 2 dish for 2 receivers. But if you don't want to buy another dish or not wanna pay for an extra dish and want to use 1 dish on your two receivers (set top box). Then don't worry here are two ways to solve this issue or have the save of money.

Two ways to use one dish antenna on two satellite receivers

Use 1 dish using receiver's output and input options

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You can enjoy the channels of on dish on two receiver by using receiver's out pin option. To use this feature follow the following simple steps.

Step 1:

Connect dish antenna to your main receiver (set top box).

Step 2:

Install LNB Ports correctly in both receivers and ports must be same as is.

Step 3:

Now connect a cable from the A receiver's(which is connected to dish directly) LNB Output option to the receiver B 's LNB Input Option.

Its Done.

In this connection if in the receive A you're watching the channels of a satellite X and other side in receiver B you wanna watch the channels of Y. You can only watch the channels of a satellite which is tunned in Receiver A (main receiver).

Multi Switch:

multi switch for satellite receivers for connectivity

Multi Switch is a type of simple switch for TV cables connectivity. This is mostly used to have a cable connection on more than 1 television. Its used by cable operators. But now satellite receivers owners will also start using it. It works simple. It has no any difficulty. Its easy and reliable. Its price is managable & cheapest price.

Use 1 Dish On 2 Receivers Using Multi Switch

Multi Switch is a simply, reliable and a good way to use it as a simple switch. You can enjoy one dish antenna on two satellites receiver by using multi switch. To use this feature follow the following steps.

Step 1:

Buy a Multi Switch and connect a cable from LNB (satellite A) to Multi Switch's main cable Option, others ports of the Multi Switch has that satellite A.

Step 2:

No if the Multi switch is of 2 ports then you can use the satellite A in 2 receivers, if it was of 3 ports you can use that sat in 3 receivers & so on.

Step 3:

After connecting your LNB to Multi Switch, connect another cable from multi switch's other sub ports to DiSEqC if you're using more than 1 LNB on your receiver, otherwise direct it to your receiver.

Step 4:

After connecting your receiver A correctly from LNB to the main port of multi switch and from multi switch's sub ports to your receiver or DiSEqC Switch, now next move is to have a same connection with the receiver B.

Step 5:

Now have same connection with receiver B of receiver A. You'll have to plugin a cable from Multi Switch's sub ports to other receiver's(B or C) DiSEqC Switch or direct in receiver's LNB in Option.

Step 6:

If you're using already DiSEqC Switch in your receiver then keep the same ports of these satellites which you've connected through Multi Switch.

Step 7:

Now connect Multi Switch's main port to LNB A and from the other/sub ports of Multi Switch to your DiSEqC Switch's same ports for example you've connected satellite A with Multi Switch no connect it to your receiver's DiSEqC Switches Port 1 or X.

Step 8:

Its Almost Done! After connecting it your dish LNBs to Multi Switch and Multi Switch to your receiver directly or indirectly using DiSEqC Switches. Keep in mind that if you're using DiSEqC Switch then the ports of Switches must be same. For Example if you have 1 dish and you want to use it in 2 receivers, after connecting LNB to Multi Switch the other ports from Multi Switch to DiSEqC Switch must be same if that was satellite a on that dish then in your receivers select satellite A LNB port B in both receivers. Its Completely Done! If you're still in confusion, here is a picture of Multi Switch System. Observe it read it carefully and just do it. For further help Kindly Comment in comment box.


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