NSS6/SES at 95E Channels Frequency (Frequency,SR,Pol) List/Chart 2015

NSS6/SES Channels Chart Disclaimer:

nss6,ses, ku band, channels frequency chart list 2015
In the world of satellites here are a lot of fta (free to air) and scrambled/paid ( $ ) channels also. To watch those channels we must need to have a satellite receiver and dish because of that we can't do anything. We must have installed a satellite on our satellite receiver and off course the frequency of that channel we want to watch.
Now the question is how to get the frequencies of our favorite channels. Here are a lot of ways to find their frequencies.
According to my point of view 1st way is "auto scan (blind scan, auto search, blind search, network search or something like that) & 2nd way is simply get the new latest working updates frequency of your favorite channel on internet. To get new frequencies on internet simply type www.kingkhalti.com in your browsers address bar and get daily new updates from the world of satellites updates or use our search gadget available in the right side of the new menu or if you're the biggest fan of Google type KK or kk after your keywords to find 100% latest new updates frequencies, packages, tutorials and much more. You can get free updates from use by liking our fb page http://facebook.com/kingkhaltiofficial , follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/KhaltiKing , or get updated from our posts regularly deleverd to your inbox by submitting you email available at right sidebar's Updates section. You can also contact us by filling contact form available at right sidebar's 2nd section.
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Dish Size: 4 to 6 Feet All Channels List of NSS 6 95°E
Channel Name Freq. Pol. SR Band Encryption Fec Beam
Asyrau 11004 V 2355 Ku Feed 3/4 M.E
Dish Tv, CNBC Awaaz,
ETV Bangla, ETV Kannada,
ETV Urdu, ETV Gujrati,
ETV Telugu, ETV Oriya,
ETV 2, ETV Uttar Pradesh,
CNN-IBN, Net Geo. India,
Disney Channel, Ch V.India
11037 H 40700 Ku Conax 2/3 India
TV Alau 11130 V 1457 Ku Mpeg-4 8/96 S.Asia
Dish TV, Star Sports India,
Zee Action, Star World India,
Zee Premier, Times Now,
Disha, Atha.
11172 V 27500 Ku Conax 3/4 India
Zee Smile 11172 V 30000 Ku FTA 5/6 India
News Express, Zing,
Divya, HBN,
Planet M Cinema, News Nation,
Kasturi TV, Mazhavil Manorama,
Amrita TV, Nepal 1,
Sri Lanka, Kairali TV,
Saam TV, Katyayani,
Live India, Zee Etc Bollywood,
Zee Smile, Dhamaal TV,
News State, India News, Star C
12110 H 40700 Ku FTA 3/4 India
Dish TV 12535 V 40700 Ku Conax 2/3 India
Zee Tamizh 12595 V 40700 Ku FTA 3/4 India
Dish TV 12535 V 40700 Ku Conax 2/3 India
American Force 12647 H 27500 Ku PwrVu 3/4 NEAsia
Dish TV, SET India,
Max TV, Animal Planet India, Max TV,
Discovery Channel India, Nicklodeon India,
Animax India, MTV India,
Ten Sports India,
Pix, NDTV india,
Discovery Travel & Living India,
Ten Sports India
12647 H 27500 Ku Mgrd 3/4 India
Dish TV 12647 V 27500 Ku Conax 5/6 India
Dish TV 12647 V 27500 Ku Conax 5/6 India
Dish TV 12688 V 27500 Ku Conax 3/4 India
CGNTV Japan, CGNTV Chinese 12729 H 26400 Ku FTA 3/4 NEAsia
Dish TV 12730 H 30000 Ku FTA 5/6 India

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