Asiasat 7 (3S) at 105.5E Full Channels Frequencies List (Chart) 2015

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Asiasat is based in Hong Kong with two major shareholders, CITIC (34.8 per cent) and General Electric (34.1 per cent). It was Founded in 1988. Its Asia's (India,Pakistan & other countries) no. 1 Satellite. Its mostly tuned in these countries. It has a lot of popular channels like entertainment, dramas, movies, news, music & others. Most of its channels are in Urdu, Hindi & Arabic Languages and some channels are in English.
It is situated in the orbit of 105 degrees East. Its signals status (quality,level) is very strong. Its not difficult to install. Currently Asiasat 7 at 105°E has a lot of FTA (free to air) and Scramble(Encrypted)­ channels & its growing day by day.
Currently its Network Has:
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All/Full Channels List of Asiasat 7 at 105°E

Dish Size: 4 to 6 Feet All Channels List of Asiasat 7 (105°E)
Channel Name Freq. Pol. SR Band Encryption Fec Beam
Zhwandoon TV 3684 V 2073 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Ch. New Asia 3706 H 6000 C FTA 3/4 Asia
TVB 8, China Entl 3729 H 13650 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Tv B Xing Hi 3729 H 13650 C Irdet-2 3/4 Asia
Xing kong HK 3714 H 8167 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Zee Network. Zee Cafe India,
Zee Trendz, Zee Studio, Veria Asia
3732 V 6500 C Conax 5/6 Asia
Madani Channel 3740 V 2815 C FTA 3/4 Asia
DM Digital 3742 V 1500 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Arirange Arab 3755 V 4418 C FTA 7/8 Asia
Stra TV, Fox crime Asia,
Fox Philippines, Net Geo People Asia,
Net Geo People Asia/Fox Traveller,
Sky News Intl, Star World Philiphines,
Fox Asia, Star Movies Philiphines,
Net. Geographic Ch. Philippines,
Nat Geo Wild Asia, Star World Taiwan,
Star Movies Asia, Star Movies China
3780 V 28100 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Zee Network, Ten Cricket India, Zee Action,
Zee Classic, Zee Premier,
Zee Tv Middle East, Zee Asia Pacific,
Zee Malay News, Zee Khana Khazana,
Zee Rajasthan Plus, Zee Zindagi
3820 V 27500 C FTA 3/4 Asia
ETC India 3820 H 29720 C Mpeg4 5/6 Asia
Star TV 3840 H 29720 C Vguard 5/6 Asia
Xing Kong Intl 3867 H 8167 C Irdet-2 3/4 Asia
Xing Kong HK 3867 H 8167 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Information TV, CSTV,
Macau Lotus TV, Sahar 2,
NHK World TV
3880 H 27500 C FTA 3/4 Asia
B4U Movies 3880 H 27500 C Irdet-2 3/4 Asia
Big Magic, Big Magic Bihar,
Big CBS Love, Big CBS Spark
3888 V 9220 C Viac. 3/5 Asia
Big CBS prime, Big Gaurav,
Big Magic MP, Big Magic UP
3888 V 9220 C Mpeg4 3/5 Asia
Big RTL Thrill 3896 V 2240 C Viac. 3/4 Asia
Such TV 3906 V 2814 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Star TV 3920 H 26666 C Vguard 3/4 Asia
Star TV 3940 V 28100 C Vguard 5/6 Asia
Turner Intl Asia, CNN Inl Asia Pacific,
Cartoon NetworkAsia Taiwan-Philippines,
Australia, Boomerang Australia,
TCM Asia, Toonami,
Tru TV Asia
3960 H 27500 C PwrVu 3/4 Asia
Star TV, Star World India,
Star Movies India, Star Plus India,
Ch. V India, Star Gold USA,
Star Gold India, Life OK India,
Star Plus ME, Star Plus S.Asia
3980 V 28100 C Vguard 3/4 Asia
Star Utsav 3980 V 28100 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Star TV, FX Asia,
Star World Asia, Phoenix Movies,
Nat. Geographic Ch. Asia, Ch. V Int,
Fox News Ch., Fox Movies
4000 H 26850 C Vguard 7/8 Asia
Phoenix Chinese, Ch. V Chinese 4000 H 26850 C FTA 7/8 Asia
Sahara One 4020 V 27250 C Irdet-3 3/4 Asia
Filmy, Sahara Firangi,
Sahara Samay, CR, Mumbai,
UP, Bihar, Sahara Aalami,
Sahara MP.
4020 V 27250 C FTA 3/4 Asia
VoA TV Asia, American Embassy TV,
VoA TV Africa, VoA TV Persian
4040 H 26500 C FTA 1/2 Asia
Ary News, Ary Digital Asia,
Ary QTV, Ary Musik,
Ary News Pak, Ary Zauq
4060 V 26666 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Ary Digital UK, Nicklodeon Pak,
Ary Digital ME,
Ary News Uk & USA, HBO Pakistan,
Ary Digital USA
4060 V 26666 C Irdet-2 3/4 Asia
Pashto ME 4078 H 3185 C FTA 7/8 Asia
Hidayat TV, DM Doom,
Dekho TV
4082 H 3185 C FTA 5/6 Asia
A Plus 4086 H 3185 C FTA 3/4 Asia
PTV Global USA 4091 H 2894 C FTA 3/4 Asia
PTV World 4095 H 2894 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Phoenix TV HD, Phoenix HK HD,
Phoenix Chinese HD
4120 H 27500 C HD 7/8 Asia
Phoenix Info 4120 H 27500 C Mpeg4 7/8 Asia
Zee Network, Zee Bangla Cinema,
Zee News, Zee Punjabi,
Zee Bangla, Zee Marathi,
Zee TV India, Zee Business,
Zee Cinema Asia, Zee Tamil,
Zee 24 Gante MP
4140 V 27500 C Conex 3/4 Asia
Zing TV 4140 V 27500 C Mpeg4 3/4 Asia
Zee Smile 4140 V 27500 C Mpeg4 3/4 Asia
Paigham TV, Azad TV,
Star Asian
4147 H 5317 C FTA 5/6 Asia
Hum TV, Hum TV News,
Masala TV, Hum Sitaray
4156 H 9833 C Mpeg4 3/5 Asia
Hum TV World, Hum TV MENA,
Hum TV Europe HD
4156 H 9833 C Conax 3/5 Asia
Filmazia, Film World,
Aruj TV
4165 H 5040 C FTA 3/4 Asia
Shamshad TV 4177 H 2444 C FTA 3/4 Asia
ETTV News 12364 H 3400 Ku FTA 3/4 Asia
Unique Business, Next TV News,
12535 H 3300 ku FTA 3/4 Asia

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