Paksat 1R 38E and Intelsat 7/10 at 68.5E Setup Tutorial 2015

How to Install Paksat 1R at 38.0E and Intelsat 7/10 at 68.5E Step By Step Tutorial

Today I'm Going to tell you how you can set/make the signals of Paksat 1r 38e and Intelsat 68e on one dish.

Before getting started the tutorial have a basic knowledge of Paksat 1R & Intelsat at 68.5E C Bands.

Paksat 1R at 38.0E C Band

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Paksat-1, (Other former designation as Palapa C1,HGS-3 & Anatolia 1), is a Geo synchronous and communications satellite is built and owned by the Boeing Company, leased to the SUPARCO as PakSat. It was successfully put on orbit on 31 January 1996 as "Palapa C1" for Indonesia as its original customer. But, after the technical problems, the satellite was leased to SUPARCO at an orbital location of 38° East Longitude on December 2001. The PakSat-1 offers the C and Ku band coverage in over 75 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, South and Central Asia. Its customers included government organizations, TV broadcasters, telecom companies, data & broadband internet service providers.
Its Mostly tuned in India & Pakistan. It has Urdu & English Channels list. Its signal status is good. It has C & Ku Band coverage.

Intelsat 7/10 at 68.5E

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Intelsat 20 is a geostationary communications satellite which is operated by Intelsat. It was constructed by Space Systems Loral, and is based on the LS-1300 satellite bus. It was launched on 2 August 2012, and replaces the Intelsat 7and Intelsat 10 spacecraft at 68.5ยบ East longitude.
It is fully operational since September 2012. Intelsat 20 carries 24 IEEE C-band (NATO G/H-band), 54 IEEE Ku band (NATO J-band) transponders and 1 Ka band transponder. The C-band covers the Asia-Pacific region, while the Ku band transponders is used for Direct to Home broadcasting to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.The Ka band payload provides coverage to the Middle East and Central Asia.
It has all kind of channels list in Urdu, Hindi, English and many more. Its has C & Ku Band Coverage with good signals status.

Installation Tutorial:

Installation or configuration of Paksat 1R & Intelsat 20 or 7/10 is not tough. Its very easy. Here i'm going to tell you about its setting in this step by step tutorial.
Before starting the tutorial you must have some basic things listed bellow.
1. AV Supported TV
2. Satellite Receiver
3. At least 6 feet dish
4. 2 Band LNBs (if you want to install paksat and Intelsat's c band sats otherwise you can change the LNBs)
Connect them correctly. You must have the knowledge of the installation of these satellites single. If you don't about that don't worry here are the links open them and learn about it.
1. To Install Paksat 1R at 38.0E C Band Click HERE.
2. To Install Intelsat 20 or 7/10 at 68.5E C Band Click HERE.
After this observe the following steps and have a successful installation. 1. If your base (center) is Intelsat at 68.5e then Paksat 1R at 38e comes at the right upar area of the dish. If your base (center) is Paksat 1R then Intelsat 20 comes lower left area of the dish.
2. First Make the signal of Intelsat 68.5E If you want to make Intelsat base other wise make the signals of Paksat 1R first.
3. After making the signals of Paksat or Intelsat single, put the 2nd lnb on dish to install both sats on this one dish.
4. After this your installation is completed successfully.

If you're still confused don't worry here is an image (pic, pics, images, image, photo, picture, photos) of this setting. See the picture carefully at just do it.

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paksat, intelsat, setup, installation

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