Geo Super Biss Key On Asiasat7 at 105.5E 2015

      Geo Super:

geo super biss key frequency asiasat7

Geo Super is the first 24-hour Dubai based Pakistani channel dedicated to the world of sports. It belongs to Independent Media Corporation & owned by Jung Group of Newspapers.


Geo Super is an encrypted channel and its only available in Pakistan (legally) free for cable operators. The whole Geo Network uses Conax encryption with "KAON" set top boxes. But Before a few days a news is getting famous by open media that Geo TV's Whole network is getting changed their Encryption from Conax to Biss. After getting changed their encryption you'll be able to watch Geo Super on your normal set top boxes. Its a coming soon post to inform you so keep in touch with this page to getting started enjoyment Of Sports with Geo Super.


In late September, 2007, after great success of Geo TV, GEO Television Network launched Geo Super, the first ever Dubai based 24-hour sports channel of Pakistan. Geo Super broadcasts sports events, it focusing mainly on cricket, with secondary focuses on football and field hockey. Geo Super as the name suggests, personifies everything that is ‘SUPER’ in the sporting world. From super players to super performances, from super tournaments to super thrills, the channel offers the highest caliber of sports man ship in all sporting activities. Its most popular sports channel in Pakistan.

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Confirmed That:

Geo Network is Not Moved From Conax To Biss So, Don't waste your Time.

All Details Here
Satellite Channel name Freq Pol SR: Mode Encryption
Asiasat7 at 105.5°E Geo Super 4180 V 26666 MPEG2/SD Scrambled (Conax)

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