PTV Sports Biss Key On Paksat 1R 38E

About PTV Sports (‏Game On Hai):

ptv sports biss key 2015PTV Sports is Pakistan No. 1 24hr Sports Channel. It is owned by PTV network.
Launch of PTV Sports:
PTV Sports was launched on 14 January 2012. Its test transmission began on December 2011 on AsiaSat7 (Asiasat3s) at 105.5E.
It has telecast many sports events since it is launched.
It is a state-owned channel.It has also got rights of many sports events like Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and Football.

PTV Sports Broadcasting Rights:

PTV Sports has all rights of matches of Pakistani cricket up to 2016. It will also show the 2016 Olympics and all of the major tournaments of ICCup to 2016. PTV Sports have rights all events of FIH men and women.

PTV Sports All Programs:

The following programmes are currently telecasting on PTV Sports:

  • Sports Circle
  • Spice Views with Dr.Nauman Niaz
  • .Keh Dein Jo Kehna Hai
  • Sports Tonight
In 2012 PTV Sports became the 1st Channel in Pakistan to broadcast Barclay's Premier League Football. A special programme "TALKING PREMIER LEAGUE" was launched which featured Ali Tayyab as host Khurram Suleman, Osman Malik & Qutub Mulla as experts.

PTV Sports Satellite Details:

In the day of launch in PTV Sports was fta on Asiasat7 (Asiasat3s). After getting started regular transmission of PTV Sports It got Scramble/Encrypted. It was working On Biss Key (biss code, biss key, biss password). To watch the transmission of PTV Sports peoples need to have the correct & working biss key of PTV Sports. Biss keys were changed by the authors. From them someone shares the new biss key of ptv sports after viewing the love of Pakistani peoples for cricket and other sports. Author changes the biss keys in main events like world cup.
After getting changed the biss key someone from them puts that on internet and the lovers of PTV Sports & cricket catches them. In these days PTV Sports is on Paksat1R situated at 38.0E. Paksat 1R is Pakistan's only satellite that has a lot of fta channels. It has C Band and Ku Band LNBs.
PTV Sports Freq/TP & Biss Key:
You can enjoy live matches on PTV Sports. For that you must have installed Paksat 1R at 38.0E C Band. After installation run auto, blind or network scan or search and get PTV Sports in your channels list. If you can't run auto scan for any reason don't worry we've given all details of PTV Sports including (frequency-freq-tp, symbol rate-sr, polarity-pol, servies id-sid & biss key).

All Details are Here.

Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E
Channel Name PTV Sports
Freq (Frequency/TP) 4005
Pol (Polarity) V
SR (Symbol Rate) 15555
SID (Service ID) 0004
Provider 2600
Status Running (Scrambled)
Biss Key ORG. 51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC CC
Biss Key China 51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC 66

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