IMovie & Filmy1 Freq/TP On Yahasat1A at 52.5E KU Band 2015

IMovie & Filmy 1 Freq/TP On Yahasat1A at 52.5E

imovie,filmy1 frequency yahasat

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Satellite Ch. Name Freq Pol SR: Mode
Yahasat at 52.5E Filmy 1 11958 V 27500 MPEG2/SD/FTA
Yahasat at 52.5E IMovie 11958 V 27500 MPEG2/SD/FTA

Tags: imovie frequency on yahasat1a at 52.5e, filmy1 frequency or tp on Yahasat1A at 52E. Frequency of imovie and filmy1 on yahasat ku band MPEG2/SD 2015.

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