Tutorial Of Paksat1R at 38.0°E and Yamal 202 at 49.0°E On 1 Dish

Today I'll tell you that how you can set Paksat1R 38E and Yamalsat 202 49E Multi Satellites On 1 Dish
To Install(configure,set) Paksat1R@38E and Yamal202@49E on 1 dish you must set them one by one single. If you don't know that how to se Paksat1R or How to Set Yamal 202 then don't worry in this Website we've the Tutorial of Most of the Satellites and offcourse Here are the Tutorials of Paksat1R and Yamalsat 202.

To Install Paksat1R at 38.0°E Click HERE.
To Install Yamal 202 at 49.0°E Click HERE.

After Setting these satellites one by one. Now we've to set them on 1 dish. You Must Should make Paksat Base(centre,darmiyan). The Yamal sat will come at the lower down side from Paksat1R. HERE is an image which will help you more to setting it up.


Hope yo've set these sat correctly after reading this Artical. Don't forget to share, like and comment.

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