Strong Frequency/TP of NSS 6 at 95°E 2015

Strong Frequency/TP of NSS 6 at 95°E 2015


About NSS 6 at 95°E:

NSS-6 is a communications satellite and its owners are SES WORLD SKIES.
NSS-6 covers the whole of Asia with six high performance KU band beams, which can deliver broadband media to small businesses, ISPs or domestic rooftop antennas in those markets. The satellite delivers Direct 2 Home power and performance. High-gain up link performance (i.e. high receiver G/T figures) allows the use of small up link antennas and (or) amplifiers.
.Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
.Its Orbital Location: 95° East
.Its Launch date: December 17, 2002
.Its Launch Vehicle: Adriane 4
.Its Number of Transponders (physical): Ku band: 50
.Its Number of Transponders (36 MHz Equivalent): 60
.Its Saturated EIRP Range: Ku band: 44 to 55 dBW
.Its Frequency Band: Ku band up link: 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
.Its Frequency Band: KA band up link: 29.5 to 30.0 GHz
.Its Frequency Band: Ku band down link: 10.95 to 11.20 GHz, 11.45 to 11.70 GHz, 12.50 to 12.75 GHz.

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Satellite Freq Pol SR: Mode
NSS-6 95°E 10990 V 28500 MPEG2/SD FTA

Here is the Strong Frequency Of NSS-6 @ 95°E.
10990 V 28500
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