Setup(install,configure) Of Yamal 202 at 49.0°E C Band Tutorial

Today I'll tell you how to set Yamal 202 at 49.0°E.

To set Yamal CBand you must have following things to continue.
1. AV Supported TV
2. Satellite Receiver
3. C Band LNB and a piece of Teflon
4. At least 4ft dish Antenna
5. Cables to connect TV to Receiver and Receiver to Dish Antenna.

Connect them Correctly.
After connecting them you need to have a strong frequency of Yamalsat at 49E. Don't worry here is the Strong Freq/TP of Yamal 202.
3970 V 4285

Here 3970 is the Freq(frequency,tp) V is Pol(polarity), 4285 is SR(Symbol rate).

If You don't know how to add freq in a receiver here is a screen shoot to add freq/tp in a receiver.


Now correctly add Frequency In your receiver. Now go to your C-Band LNB take Piece of Teflon into C Band LNB. If You don't know how to add Teflon in c band LNB or don't know what is Teflon. Don't here are their the screen shoots.
Piece of Teflon:
Adding Piece of Teflon in C-Band LNB:

After setting it. Now Start Moving your dish to uper right side from Paksat1R at 38.0°E
Here is the Image Of Yamal 202 at 49.0°E


Hope You've Installed It Successfully.

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