Setup of Paksat,Inelsat,Horizon,Abs1 and Insat3a On 1 Dish Tutorial in Eng

Today you'll learn about setting Paksat 1R at 38e,Intelsat 20 at 68.5e,Horizon at 85E,ABS1 and Insat3a(ddfreedish,Measat,ses8,nss) On 1 Atleast 6 feet Dish. Tags are how to make/install/configure/setup signals of paksat , intelsat, abs, horizon and insat3a on one dish pictures images photos pics pictures. Images of these satellites. 5 satellites on 1 dish. Step by step dish setting,dish tutorial.
So We're now Starting the tutorial befor starting you must install/make the signals of these satellites one by one. If you don't know how to install them don't worry we've all the tutorial of these satellites in Urdu,Hindi and English language.
To Install Paksat1R@38E Click Here
To Install Intelsat20@68.5E Click Here
To Install ABS1 Click Here
To Install Horizon Click Here
To Install Insat3a@93.5E Click Here
Now you're ready to move to the next step after the installation of these sats 1 by 1.
Following Picture(images,photos,pic,pics,etc) will Help You to Understand the Position of these Satellites.


see the image and set these satellites easily. You can also add more satellites like Insat4b 83E,Intelsat ku,Abs CBand,Apstar CBand and KUBand,Thaicom CBand and KUBand and Much more by using this formula.
Hope You've now installed these all Satellites Correctly Be Happy and Stay Blessed.
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