Setting Asiasat7 105.5E,Asiasat5 100E and Insat3a/DD On 1 Dish Tutorial in Eng

In this Page We'll tell you how ( to ) you can set (install,setup,setting,configure,make,signals) the signals of Asiasat5@100E , Asiasat7@105E and Insat3a On 1 Dish. You can also set it on Atleast 4ft dish.
So, starting the tutorial of Asiasat 5 , 7 and Insat 3a on 1 dish. Before starting you must atleast set all your targeted sats one by one asiasat5,7 and insat.
If From them any sat you can't install or never installed before then don't worry here are tutorials of these all satellites in urdu,hindi and eng. You can get their links below.
For Setting/Tutorial of Asiasat7 at 105E Click HERE
For Setting/Tutorial of Asiasat5 at 100E Click HERE
For the Tutorial/Setting Of Insat3a/DDFreeDish Click HERE.

After Install/ Making their signals one by one now move to the next step which is Setting them all in 1 dish Antenna. The Following Picture will Help you to Set them easily.


Hope It Helped You and You've Set These Satellites On your dish.
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