Set/Make Signals of Paksat1R 38e and Badrsat 26e On 1 Dish Tutorial in Eng

Today We'll tell you how to set the signals of Paksat 1R at 38e and Badrsat at 26e On 1 Dish of 5 , 6 , 7 and foot. Here are Images (Pictures,pic,pics,photos) both of these satellites paksat and badrsat/arabsat at 26 East.
For this you must have installed these satellites one by one(1st paksat and then badrsat). To install Paksat1R@38E C Band Click HERE to read full artical/Tutorial with Image in English. To install Badrsat/Arabsat@26E Ku Band Click HERE to read its full artical/tutorial with images in Eng.
When you've installed(making signals,configuring,setting) these sats one by one you're now able to make both of these satellite's signal/install in 1 Dish.

Now 1st of all make the signals of Paksat If you want to keep Paksat in Center otherwise make Badrsat's signals first after making one of these sats to keep that in center now move to 2nd satellite which will be Badrsat/Arabsat 26e if Paksat was in center otherwise its Paksat 1R.
Following Images will help you to understand Positions of these satellites.

Paksat1R 38e
and Badrsat/Arabsat 26e in 1 Dish. If Paksat is in Centre.


at 26e and Paksat1R On 1 Dish. If Badrsat/Arabsat 26e is in Centre.

and Paksat on 1 dish Image HERE

Hope you understood both of these satellite's Position and Setting by reading this artical and seeing these Images.
It look by understanding/reading this artical you're now trained/ready to make these satellites in your dish easily.
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