How to use DiSEqC switch in Receiver about and Types of discqc Tutorial in Eng

First of all you must know what is DiSCEqC Switch how much type are of DiSCEqC Switch.
About DiSCEqC Switch: DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) Die-Sec , (citation needed) is a special communication protocol for the usage of Multi sats in 1 receive through DiSCEqc Switch. It was develped by a European Satellite Provider Eutelsat.
DiSEqC relies only on a coaxialcable to transmit both bidirectional data/signalsand power. DiSEqC is commonly/Mostly used to control switches, motors and is more flexible than 13/18 volt and 22 kHz tone or ToneBurst/MiniDiSEqC techniques. DiSEqC is also compatible with actuators used to rotate large C band dishes if used with a DiSEqC positioner. DiSEqC uses a pulsed (tone-burst) 22 kHz sine-wave at 0.65 V (± 0.25 V) peak to peak.
How use It.
If You've already set more than 1 sat then you'll need to use DiSEqC to Watch All channels of these satellites. To do this go to your receiver's satellite Setting/Configuring/Insallation and go down to diseqc option. If you've set sat1's cable in port 1 of DiSEqC then set 1 in your receive if 2nd sat's port is 2 then select 2 in receiver. You can use this like that.
If You can't understood folowing pictures will help you to understad it easily.

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