How to Install Badrsat/arabsat 4/5/6 @ 26e Tutorial in Eng


In this page you'll learn how you can install badrsat at 26east. Get the Strong Frequency and other tips and tricks about badrsat/arabsat Satellite making.
After reading this artical you'll be able to install Badrdsat/Arabsat 26 East by yourself.Here we'll tell you detailed installation of this Arabic Satellite.
Before starting you should have in mind that to install any satellite you must have following things.
1. AV Supported TV
2. Satellite Receiver
3. KU Band LNB
4. At least 7 feet Dish Antenna
5. 2 Cables(1st will connect your tv to receiver and 2nd will connect receiver to dish)
Connect it correctly.
After this go to New tp(add new tp,add new freq,new tp,frequency adding etc) option in your receiver. Here you'll need to have a Strongest Frequency of Your Targeted Satellite which is Arabsat 26e / Badrsat 26e.
Strongest TP is Given bellow.
11900 V 27500.
In the tp adding option you'll se 3 forms 1 of Freq/TP(Frequency) 2 of Pol(polarity) 3 of SR(Symbol rate). In this 11900 is Freq v is pol and 27500 is SR.
Add Strong Frequency correctly.
After this by pressing OK button or saving button you'll see 2 Signals lines 1 will of signals level 2nd will Signals quality. Here is not the value of level only the importance is of Quality which will 0 or 11%. That means it 0.
Now go to your Dish Antenna and Start moving it. Keep in mind that it is located in west side and not so far from earth. Its a little bit to South.
After some hard work at last you'll receive its signals. After Receiving Signals Make an auto scan(Blind scan.automatic search,network scan etc.) and Save all these channels and Enjoy.
Congrats! Its Done. You've Successfully Installed your new Satellite Hotbird in your Receiver.
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