PTV Network Freq/TP & Biss Keys On Paksat1R 2015


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Here are alot of free to air channels in diffrent satellites. There are also good channels fta/free to air but offcourse more vip channels are not fta those are scrambled or encrypted. We can't watch them without having any resourse to decrypt them. Most popular way to unblock/decrypt them is " Biss Key". Biss keys are managed by their authrisers. Some Most Popular channels changes their biss keys every day or every 3rd day or every week or every 15 days or every month so on. After getting changed their biss key you have now not accessibility to watch that TV channel. To view/watch again that channel you need to have the working biss key of that channel.

I think authorities gives those biss keys to cable oprators. Cable oprators has their certificates. In this situation you just can get the new latest working biss keys / codes from this website. Here are some available biss keys of some popular tv channels. To get the biss key of your favourite tv channels go to top side of the website there is a searchbar enter your keywords their and hit enter or press search or go. It will get you to the right page. If you want to search the latest biss key of your favourite channel on google just type KK or kk after your keywords. > We regularly updates our website to stay up to date to you from the world of satellites biss key, biss codes, freq/tp, frequency, tp, sr/symbol rate, pol/polarity, strong frequencies, frequencies changing or updating. To get free updates simply visit our site regularly or follow us @KhaltiKing or or click on updates available at the right slidebar near head area. Enter your email address, press submit and get free updates to your mailing Inbox for free with details.

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PTV(Pakistan Television Corporation) is Pakistan's National TV Network. It was founded in 26 November 1964. Its Owner is government of Pakistan. PTV is a Family TV Network. Its network was on Asiasat7@105.5E. But now most of its Channels are on Paksat1R at 38E. Its Most Popular Channels are PTV Sports,PTV Home,PTV News and PTV Global. Some of its channels(ptv sports,ptv k-lat,ptv k-feed) are on biss keys and following are their Latest Working Biss Keys On Paksat at 38e.

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Satellite Channel name Freq Pol SR: Mode Key
Paksat1R 38E PTV Sports 4003 V 1555 MPEG2/SD 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC
Paksat1R 38E PTV K-Lat 4055 V 7000 MPEG2/SD 0786 66F3 2291 10C3
Paksat1R 38E PTV K-Feed 4055 V 7000 MPEG2/SD 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC
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