How to Install/Configure Asiasat5@100E Tutorial in Eng


In this page you'll learn to make(improve,install,configure,set) the signals of Asiasat7 100E with its Strong Frequency/TP.This is an Updated Tutorial 2015.
In this Tutorial you will learn about the installation of Asiasat7@100E(Asiasat).
For this we will have need for following things.
1. Atleast 4 feet Dish Antenna
2. A Satellite Receiver
3. AV Supported TV
4. C Band LNB
5. A Cable to Connect your receiver to TV
6. A Cable to connect your receiver to the Dish Antenna.
NOW Start work to receive your targeted Satellite in your receiver.
Now go to receiver's add new tp option(add tp,add freq,add new freq or add frequency) and add the Strongest Frequency of your Targeted Satellite Asiasat5 which is located at 100E.
This Picture/image will help you to add Freq in receiver.

add tp,add freq,add new freq or add frequency

The Strong TP/Frequency of your targeted Satellite is Given bellow.
4000 H 28125
In New tp adding option of your receiver you'll see Freq(Frequency),Pol(Polarity) and SR(Symbol rate). In this Freq 4000 is Freq H is Pol and 28125 is SR.
Add it Correctly.
After adding Freq press OK to start showing its status.
Now it will show Signal level and Signal Quality. Here is not the importance of Level which will 34 to 80% here is the Value of Quality which will 0 to 7% at this time.
Go to Dish and start moving it. This Satellite is Located at 100E(When sun is on 8 or 9AM). Its right/uper side from Asiasat3s/Asiasat7 and left/down side from Insat4a. For Example When move your dish to sun side when its location is at 8 or 9AM. Move your dish slowly slowly to save your time otherwise its very difficult to find signals by moving dish in hurry.
Soon you'll find the signals of Asiasat5 at 100E. After this go to auto scan option in your receiver and Start scanning. After scan completed just press OK it will save all the channels list. Now get exited from menu by pressing exit button.
Congratulations! Asiasat5 at 100E is Successfully Installed.
You Can customize(edit name,delete,move,hide etc) these channels by going to Channel Editing Option in Menu.
Its Done Enjoy your Newly Installed Satellite.
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I think in this tutorial every thing is fine but i can't guarantee that it is 100% right human errors are possible.
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