How To Install/Configure Asiasat7 105E Tutorial in Eng

How to Configure (Set) Asiasat7@105E Hi Dear Visitor! In this Tutorial I'll tell you how to configure(set) Asiasat7@105E(its old name was Asiasa3s). For this requirements are listed bellow. 1. AV function enabled TV 2. Satellite receiver 3. At least 4 feet dish 4. C Band LNB 5. Cable(to connect receiver to dish) After this step You'll have to move to the next step. Now connect your TV to receiver via av cable , connect cable with LNB and LNB to dish. After this Power On your TV & receiver get the remote in your hands and go to add new tp(add new freq,new tp,frequency adding etc) option available in your receiver here you'll need to have a Strong Tp/Freq of targeted Satellite Here Asiasa7's Strongest FREQ is 4020 V 27500.After Puting SR(Symbol rate) Pol (polarity) and Freq(Frequency) in your receiver just press OK button to start accessing that Freq to your receiver(some receivers not ask for that).After this it will Show Signal Status(signal quality and signal level) of that Frequency added by you. Signal Level will 70% or more but the quality will 0% or 5%(that means its Zero). Now go to your dish antenna and start moving it. This Satellite is located at 105 digrees East. Start Moving your dish in east side. Move dish slowly slowly. Somewhere it will caught signals and start receiving Signals Now just try to improve your signals strength if signals are 30% try to improve them as you can. After this Step Go to auto scan(blind scan,network scan etc) option in your receiver it will auto save all available channels from this Satellite. Its Done! You Can Also Customize Channels (delete,move,hide,lock,adding biss key etc) in your receiver after scan. Hope You will like our Work please Help us to improve our work by commenting liking and share this with your friends. Stay Blessed! You Might Also Like Following

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