How to Install/Configure Nilesat7E Tutorial in Eng.


Today I'll tell you how to install Nilesat 7E.
It Requires some basic things listed bellow.
1. AV Supported TV
2. Satellite Receiver
3. At least 6 feet Dish
4. KU Band LNB
5. 2 Cables (1 will connect receiver to dish and 2nd will connect receiver to your TV).
Those were the basic requirements for this all.
Connect them Correctly.
Now Go to your receiver's New tp(add new tp,add new frequency,new freq, tp adding etc) option to add the Strong Frequency of your targeted Satellite(Nilesat7E).
Strongest Frequency of Nilesat 7E is Given Bellow.
11800 H 27500
In TP adding Option you'll see three options there one will of Freq/TP(Frequency) 2nd will Pol(Polarity) 3rd will SR(Symbol Rate). In this 11800 is Frequency H is Pol 27500 is SR.
Add it Correctly.
Now go to your dish and Start moving it very slowly because this Satellite is very difficult to Install. Keep in mind that 7 degree comes in West.
Move your dish from on side to other other to on very slow don't go up its down.
Soon you'll receive the Signals of your Targeted Satellite.
NOW Nilesat7E is Successfully installed and you are ready to use it.
You Can Also Customize(Move,delete,hide,lock etc) Channels in your receiver by going to Channel Editing in Menu.
Hope you're happy now.
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